Keyboard and Mouse support coming to Xbox One

Xbox OneMicrosoft’s new generation consoles, the Xbox One, already allows the use of USB keyboards for the sake of typing. But video game control support for keyboard and mouse is also just on the horizon as confirmed by Phil Spencer, during a recent Twitter question and answer session. Leading to further suspicion that Microsoft may be planning to introduce PC game streaming to the Xbox One. But treat such comments as pure speculation. 

We already know that Microsoft plans to introduce streaming between the Xbox One and PC, but as of yet it’ll be limited to just one way, allowing users to stream Xbox One games to their computer. Shrinking that hostile void between PC and consoles gamers ever smaller. Spencer was at the center of a Twitter style Q & A session recent in which he was answering questions based around the up-coming new Xbox app streaming via Windows 10. One of the main questions in regards to the introduction of Windows 10, was if streaming functionality would be added the other way around, allowing gamers to stream PC games to the Xbox One.Xbox One

Spencer replied: “Still finish Xbox to Win10 right now. I like the idea of Win10 to Xbox streaming but don’t have a plan yet”.

No confirmation there unfortunately, however Spencer was more fourth coming in regards to keyboard and mouse support: “Yep, keyboard and mouse support would need to be there for this to work, those aren’t far away.”

Windows 10 and the Xbox UI update are just around the corner and it seems that Microsoft are working hard to make sure the dramatic changes are tailored to a wide variety of gamers. Cross-play will also soon be introduced across the two platforms, so the addition of the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One will also help to maintain a level playing field across the platforms. Lets just hope that the two communities can get along.

[Source(s): PureXbox, Twitter]

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