Kevin Smith joins the cast in Infinite Warfare zombies pack

infinite warfare rave in redwoodsJust when you think it was safe to go back into the woods, Activision and Infinity Ward pull a stunt like this, adding director Kevin Smith into the latest adventure of zombie slaying in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Rave in the Redwoods picks up where Zombies in Spaceland left us off, now taking us into the woods to an abandoned campsite. There, you will run into zombies dressed in 90s gear alongside glowsticks. The four characters soon become the main course, getting help from a guest appearance of Kevin Smith (will have to watch Dogma again sometime soon actually).

In the meantime, you are being chased by the campsite and expansion’s big bad boss, Slasher. The map looks like a good bit of fun, especially for those who enjoy the zombies mode over anything else the game has to offer.

If it’s not your bag, there are 4 additional multiplayer maps coming as part of the Sabotage expansion, which releases on the 31st of January on PlayStation 4, and a month later for Xbox One players. Will you be picking this up?

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