Ken Block’s latest Gymkhana car to feature in Forza Horizon 3

Ken BlockWhen you live in the civilized world there’s certain things in life that are pretty much unavoidable. Social media, talent shows on TV with talentless contestants, people telling you that you shouldn’t do stuff and then this guy, Ken Block, professional rally driver and internet extraordinaire.

He’s known for one thing, being able to drive like no one else and given for the past few years he’s been one of Ford’s headline drivers (recently famed for his contribution to the latest Ford RS model) it was only a matter of time before he appeared in the Forza series who also currently hold a partnership with the American vehicle brand.

Recently, Ken Block’s latest video hit the internet and more or less instantly went viral. Frankly, you’re not going to want to miss this:

Notice anything? Around the two minute mark?

Originally the above video was supposed to be filmed in Sydney, however the proposal was rejected by local authorities following the controversy generated by BBC’s Top Gear, when Ken Block appeared in an episode tearing through the streets of London with passenger Matt Le Blanc.

Following the release of “Gymkhana 9” news has also emerged that the car featured in the video will also be making an appearance in the upcoming addition to the Forza Horizon series. Which following my earlier skepticism makes me once again very interested. A lot of people will likely criticize how easily I’ve been turned, but it’s little things like this I look for in games like Forza Horizon. The addition of Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX teamed with Forza Horizon 3’s new drone camera feature is likely something that is going to appeal to a lot of people out there, both fans of the game and fans of Ken Block’s videos.

Ken BlockSo with that in mind, we’d like to know, do any of you share some of Matt’s concerns? Or are the new features and environments of Forza Horizon 3 enough to make you want to spend your money?

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