Kanye West tweets his opinion on in-app purchases

kanye westI’m about to say something that I didn’t think I’d say today, or anytime in the near future. I agree with Kanye West.

On Twitter last night, Kanye West started rambling on about his dislike of in-app purchases in mobile games. His point was rather clear, and somewhat agreeable. If a game is made for a kid to play, to give the parents a break, why are there in-app purchases popping up on the screen, costing the parents money? It’s unknown what started it off, unless his kids were playing a game and he picked up on the notifications to ‘buy more coins’ or something, but you can’t disagree with his sentiment.

Even us adults are wary of in-app purchases and microtransactions, but in the hands of a child, they don’t understand the concept of money being spent digitally, and we’ve heard enough stories of parents getting bills of hundreds and thousands from Apple.

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