KamaGames hiring for jobs in Dublin, Ireland

kamagamesIf you’re Irish and living in or around Dublin and want to make a break into the games industry, then perhaps an opportunity is right at your doorstep. KamaGames are looking to hire 50 new staff members in the next 12 months, with 100 jobs being created in the next three years.

“KamaGames® is a Global Developer and Publisher of Social Games for Mobile Platforms, Steam, Xbox Live & Playstation Network and additional console and online gaming platforms. The company possesses a deep experience of successful game production. The flagship game of the company – Pokerist® Texas Poker – continues to be featured and holds top positions in Grossing Charts in the AppStore, Google Play, Amazon Store, etc.”

KamaGames are responsible for Manchester United Social Poker and Roulettist as well, if gambling games are your thing,

The new jobs being made available will cover a multitude of disciplines including all phases of game design, marketing, finance, HR and business development, and will be the first stage of a much larger hiring plan. In 2013, KamaGames opened its Global headquarters at 110 Amiens street, Dublin.

If you are interested in working with KamaGames, you can apply here. The Irish gaming scene is certainly picking up steam this year, and this is the perfect opportunity to get more involved.

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[Source: KamaGames, Careersportal]

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