Just Cause 3 easter egg includes ‘that’ white/blue dress…

just cause 3 dressAvalanche Studios are mocking Just Cause 3 fans, with the discovery of an easter egg relating to that famous white and gold…or blue and black dress from earlier in the year.

Steam community members Ricochet227 and AliceTheGorgon discovered this Easter egg on a rooftop of an apartment building in Citate Di Rivello, reports VG247. Just to be annoying, Avalanche Studios made two dresses, each looking white and gold as well as black and blue. Imagine the debates between friends and the gaming community if they started arguing over the dress colours all over again.

just cause 3 dress just cause 3 dressJust to prevent a fire breaking out on Steam forums or other gaming outlets, a player by the name of AliceTheGorgon then took a screenshot that showed that both women were wearing different dresses, and that it wasn’t another optical illusion on our hands, or in our eyes. It’s funny that Avalanche included such a minor easter egg, but I imagine everyone the world over is fed up of this white and gold/blue and black dress debate!

just cause 3 dress

[Source: VG247]

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