Just Cause 3 developers have one of the biggest

just cause 3In this new developer diary by Avalanche Studios, the team start off by talking about how big it is, and how size matters. It’s also bigger than everyone else’s. So much in fact that it’s impressive. They’re talking about the map of course! Get your minds out of the gutter!

Just Cause 3’s map will feature three regions. The first of which is the upper class, wealthy part of the game’s world. Region 2 will be the military base, fishing towns and ruins. Region 3 is the more forested and rocky region of the map, which is described in the video as their ‘Game of Thrones’ region, divided by a massive wall from the other regions. Throughout the map, you can expect a bigger emphasis on verticality as well, with massive cliffs and mountains to traverse and fight over.

The architecture and design will tell a lot about the island and its people, about the uprising, the control of the militarist government, and letting players know what Rico needs to do. What’s worth noting is that the developers also took notice of many of the mods which the community made for the game, and have made the decision to implement some of them, the more crazy ideas, that is! One of the developers was amazed by the work that some modders were doing, and they can’t wait to see what they do again on Just Cause 3. Neither can we!

Just Cause 3 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1st, and the collector’s edition includes a grappling hook…just cause 😉

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