Join Elite Dangerous players on the Christmas Carriers Convoy

christmas carriers convoy elite dangerousElite Dangerous has a vast and established community of pilots, each trying to make their own living in the emptiness of space. Beyond the ‘Bubble’, the central point of civilization in the galaxy lies planets and stars to explore, but very little life. One organised group wish to go on a long-distance expedition called the Christmas Carriers Convoy, to colonize a new home away from home, and they want your help.

The Colonia Citizens Network presents to you, the Christmas Carriers Convoy, which will “depart from the Bubble the day after the Distant Worlds Fleet Reunion event at Mitterand Hollow, and over the course of four weeks will travel across the Sagittarius Gap, pass through the Lagoon and Omega Nebulae, travel along the Colonia Connection highway–visiting the refuelling and repair outposts along the way–cross the mysterious Sagittarii Conflux, and skirt around the southwestern edges of the Galactic Core before entering Colonia space and arriving en masse at Jaques Station after 30 days of travel.”

ccn christmas carriers convoy elite dangerous

“CCN is inviting pilots to assemble the largest merchant fleet in history. A single convoy of passenger liners, tourism transport ships, freighters and fighter escort. Your goal is to bring the next influx of colonists to Colonia along with much-needed equipment, commodities, military hardware and Lavian Brandy.”

What they need is you. People willing to leave the Bubble behind, and venture into unknown territory and help develop this new frontier. The Colony Citizens Network need ships, they need transport, they need fuel, and they need support.

For full details and departure locations for the Christmas Carriers Convoy, you can visit the forum post here which contains everything you need to know.

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