John Smedley steps down from position in Daybreak Games

john smedleyBack in July, John Smedley, head of Daybreak Games, previously Sony Online Entertainment, threatened to hunt down a member of Lizard Squad after he was let off the hook for all the trouble he caused. Daybreak Games was then attacked again by DDoS attacks. Now, John Smedley has stepped down as president and CEO of Daybreak Games.

Talking about the drama he has faced in the past year, he said “I’ve also been swatted (multiple times) and had over 50 false credit applications submitted in my name and had to deal with the ramifications of what happens to your credit when this kind of thing happens. It’s not good. And to top it all off they decided to submit false tax returns.”

smedley hacker“So to put this bluntly – I want this kind in jail for a long time,” he said. “You shouldn’t be able to do crap like this without any hint of a consequence. I plan on doing everything in my power to see him get what’s coming to him in court one way or another.”

Imagines Smedley becoming a vigilante hero like Batman.

Unfortunately, this is really bad news, as it says a lot about the mental damage this is causing someone whose best interests are within us, the gamers. He wants to make massive games for us all to enjoy, such as H1Z1 and Planetside 2, yet a 17 year old child thinks he can get away with countless computer crimes and ground an airplane with the threat of a bomb being on board.

“I can confirm that John Smedley will be taking some time off from the company for the near-term and transitioning to a different role to be determined,” a Daybreak spokesperson said in a statement. “Upon finalisation of his plans, further communication will be provided.”


[Source: Eurogamer]

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