John Romero wants to hire game artists in Galway, Ireland

john romeroJohn Romero, famous for Doom, ID Software and Ion Storm has opened up a new game development studio in the west of Ireland. The studio opened in November, and he is on the lookout for 2D and 3D artists for contract work and potential full time roles.

According to The Arcade, “Romero and his wife, Brenda, have been browsing around the Irish games scene for quite some time and have even had talks in various colleges such as Carlow IT and Pulse College in Galway city.They’re currently calling out for any 3D artists and 2D artists for contract work with potential for a full-time job.” What’s great is that you can work from home, and then if you get a full time position, you can then sort yourself out with a more local living space. Not a bad deal!

Well, future game developers, who better to receive guidance and experience from than the man himself? You can apply for a position through this link. Brenda Romera also sits on the board of IMIRT, who are the Irish game makers association.

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