John Boyega wishes Star Wars Battlefront had a proper campaign

john boyega star warsStar Wars Episode VII star John Boyega recently took to Twitter, asking EA if fans will ever get a full story mode on Star Wars Battlefront. He then asked if he could visit the UK studio, and that looks like it will happen.

It’s unlikely that at this point in time, a single player or co-op campaign would be added. Considering the cost of building a campaign for a game, one that is already out too, is insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Battlefront 2 was on the list for 2017’s releases, one which features a full campaign. Anyway, this is how the story went.

It didn’t end there. Of course, EA had no choice really but to respond to the former Stormtrooper now Rebel fighter. EA don’t want to mess with the Darkside or the power of the Jedi. Asking Boyega if he tried the missions, he said he did and while great, felt like the game could have gone deeper into the narrative. Sure, you could argue that the movies are the stories, and you are just playing out the battles in the game, but for a full priced gaming experience, we want more than just that.

[Source: Twitter]

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