Jimmy Kimmel reacts to gamer hate

jimmy kimmelOver the past week, there has been a constant barrage of abuse directed at US tv talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel. Ever since his comments about Youtube Gaming and the gamers who enjoy watching Let’s Plays and livestreams, Jimmy has been under attack via comments and videos. It’s laughable, and disgusting, from a mature gamer’s perspective.

What bugs me in particular is the fact that gamers got so defensive about it, and got so abusive. What a way to represent us as a community. I don’t wish cancer, aids or death on him or anybody else. Sure, he commented on something he knew little about, but like him, there’s a lot that we as individuals don’t know much about. We may laugh off other activities or hobbies, while others may take offense to our lack of consideration. What’s the difference?

Later in the week, Jimmy Kimmel invited two famous Let’s Play streamers to meet up with him, namely Markiplier and MissesMae, who both have a huge following of gamers who tune in daily or weekly to their well crafted shows and game streams. In the video, they explained the idea of Let’s Plays to Kimmel, who was then shown Rocket League, and educated on how the whole Let’s Play works. What wasn’t really discussed was the benefits of watching live streamed games, such as seeing games on platforms you might not own, or games you can no longer access, and how watching a game in action before you buy it might encourage or discourage you from spending your money on it.

If anything though, I just find the whole situation disgusting. I’ve said that word once or twice already. We all know how abusive individuals can be on the internet and social media. Hiding behind a monitor or your phone’s screen, calling people out, saying horrible things, and even going beyond that person and insulting their family members, who were not involved in the situation.

At times like this, I’m embarrassed to be a gamer, but I know it won’t stop. There are many of us level headed gamers around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, but it’s the vocal minority, or majority, we’re not sure at this stage, who ruin the reputation for the rest of us.

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