Japanese Nintendo Switch trailer shows off FIFA 18

fifa switchFIFA 18 has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not as straight forward as any other announcement of the juggernaut sports title hitting a console any other year. The thing about the upcoming Nintendo Switch is that its version of the game¬†will be the most unique of the releases, as it’s being ‘custom-made’ for the console.

A new Japanese trailer features the first glimpse of gameplay for the title, but it’s hard to tell on the small screen if it’s any worse off, and the fact that we have not yet seen FIFA 18 elsewhere as of yet. However, basing it off the current generation release of FIFA 17, it looks alright, doesn’t it?

There is no confirmed release date for FIFA 18 on any platform, but it usually drops around the September mark so expect it around then. What features it will have, we don’t know, especially on the Switch. We do know that it will have another version of The Journey, the single player narrative that followed Alex Hunter from his youth, into a professional football team.

The Nintendo Switch however, releases on March 3rd.

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