It’s nearly time to clear the mean streets…of rubbish in Cityconomy

cityconomyNano Games are set to release their city maintenance simulator out on the streets this December. Cityconomy will allow Steam owners to look after a virtual city as a trash collector and recycling truck, or repair roads, clean streets, maintain the sewers, tow cars, mow grass and more.

There are 15 different vehicles to take advantage of, with 5 different roles to play. The game will feature a full day and night cycle as well as changing weather. Cityconomy will also allow for co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players, which sounds silly, if you’re both in different career pursuits, but it’s better to play with friends, right?

“Cityconomy – 15 trucks, endless jobs! Play in open-world and take control of all service divisions of a huge metropolis. Keep your entire city in a perfect condition and meet the changing needs of the citizens!” Here, you can see a developer diary with the Polish founders of Nano Games, which shows off more of the gameplay as they talk about Cityconomy.

Cityconomy will be available on Steam on December 2nd. Buy it for your best friends this Holiday, just to put a silly smile on their face!

[Source: Youtube, Nano Games]

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