Is your Youtube channel at risk?

youtube logoYoutube and its various personalities chop and change regularly, and with rules and regulations in place to prevent copyright infringement and monetization to those using other peoples’ content, things can get messy. Recently, the video hosting site made some changes, and Youtubers are finding themselves out of pocket with no explanation as to why.

In this 10 minute video by Channel Awesome, it explains how the strike system has changed without Youtube telling its user base, how certain content is locked out to those with strikes, and how the automation system or links to request information about strikes and lack of monetization is broken. The video explains how Channel Awesome has gone three whole weeks and counting, without any human interaction from Youtube’s support team, and no verification as to why they have lost their monetization.

They also list a number of other Youtubers which you can see below the video, who are also suffering from the mess that Youtube created. Seemingly, rules are being broken and made up as they go along, to appease corporations. The problem is that Youtube is not informing its users, and nobody knows where they are at fault.

Taken from the description of the Channel Awesome Youtube video, these channels are also suffering an unexplained loss of business:

Alternate History Hub – Can’t monetize new videos, no reason why or any answers.

Eli the Computer Guy:
2 and a half year old video gets him a community strike and his appeal is denied.

I Hate Everything – Channel was suspended and then returned with no reasons as too why.

RiceGum – channel suspended and reinstated within a day.

The advice given is to back up your videos, whatever you may have published, because as of this moment in time, anything can happen, and even writing this, I feel like I’m promoting scaremongering. Channels and their personalities are growing daily, and if Youtube don’t confront their fans and show a bit of transparency, it won’t be long before another upcoming video hosting site comes in and takes away their customers.

Do you have a channel? Have you been affected in any way, or do you have any friends or Youtubers you follow that have been affected? Some solid rules and regulations need to be made transparent, because as of now, the business model is a little shady, and unfair to those who make the site what it is.

[Source: Channel Awesome]

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