Is WB Working on a Superman Game?

tumblr_nqzg55NGUG1rg2j3ko1_1280The good folks at Comic Book Movie and Daily Superheroes Tumblr have given us something to stir the watercooler, especially for the DC comics fans: a new Superman game. Warner Brother Interactive revealed a few weeks back that WB Montreal studioes (who made Batman Arkham Origins) were developing a new game and that it was in very early development stages. That bit of information and the numerous hints that are hidden throughout Batman Arkham Knight lead me to this image and some possible options to look at with this rumor mill.

Warning: very minor spoilers for Batman Arkham Knight follow.

So what makes this image so notable? Ignore the comic sans font (believe me I first thought of Deadpool as well) because the game is in such early development, there’s time to change that. This version of Superman isn’t based off of any picture that I’ve seen before of Supes. Yes it’s modeled after the New 52 Superman (who has already gone through tons of physical changes) but it’s so different and obscure that I really felt it should be shared for some further insight.

Another thought is that Supes may appear like he’s from an Injustice sequel. I’m gonna take that one off the board quickly just because the character model for Superman in Injustice looks nothing likes this and nowhere mentions the events of Injustice that were so intergral to the story. So RockSteady drops tons of hints about the Man of Steel and even has a voicemail from Lex Luthor. We really don’t know what developer, RockSteady, is up to other than helping out with the season pass for Arkham Knight. However it appears that WB Montreal is doing the same. With the recent announcement of WB Montreal working on another IP, they seem poised to be making this new Man of Steel game, whereas RockSteady is a bit of an anomoly and are just coming off the release of Arkham Knight.

Superman holds the most dreaded and loathed games ever made. His curse for terrible games may make for a daughting and unwanted challenge for most developers. With that in mind, Batman didn’t have a good track record until RockSteady took the reigns, and WB Montreal may have made the lower end of the Arkham games, but they still seem to be a competant developer. Only time will tell and perhaps with San Deigo Comic Con occurring this weekend, we might get more insight. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we learn more.

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