Is the First Person Shooter Genre getting stale?

Arma 3 First Person ShooterOne thing we aren’t short of in gaming is First person Shooter titles but as popular as they are I’m beginning to wonder if they are becoming stale. These days I find myself gravitating towards more complex games like Arma 3 or Squad whilst recent releases like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 have left me frustrated. For one reason or another those games just fail to appeal to me like their predecessors once did.

So what’s the problem? Well with the Call of Duty series, perhaps the biggest First Person Shooter of them all, seems to be stuck in a rut. Sales have been declining for years and whilst a bad year for CoD is a great year for most other games it’s clear to see from feedback that people aren’t happy with the direction the developers and publisher are taking the series.

Call of Duty: Infinite warfare

Battlefield 1 is celebrated amongst gamers and even though it’s popularity is probably at an all time high I personally just can’t get into the game. The problem for me is that it doesn’t feel like a Battlefield game and it certainly doesn’t feel like a WW1 game. I love the Battlefield series it’s one of my favourite series in the First Person Shooter genre but this one for me failed to appeal to me beyond the campaign. Battlefield just seems to have lost the magic it had back in the Bad Company days.

Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2 was and is a great First Person Shooter game with an epic campaign that I thoroughly enjoyed playing but again the multiplayer just fails to keep me interested beyond an hour of playing. Something just feels off . I can’t quite put my finger on it with Titanfall 2, perhaps it’s the fast paced action?

Titanfall 2

With this in mind I’ve found myself going back to Arma 3 and I must say I’m struggling to see why I stopped playing it. It’s a beautiful game that is tense and fun as hell. It’s great when you get a squad working together to complete missions or taking on opposing players. There’s so much to do and it’s challenging and at times unforgiving, the tactical realism really appeals to me .The same can be said for Squad which I haven’t played much but can see me getting into more in the future. As with Arma 3 the game offers a challenge and rewards team play and good tactics.


On console the nearest I can come to a similar experience is probably Rainbow Six Siege. Yes the maps are in comparison, tiny but the tactical team game play makes that game the most exciting First Person Shooter on console at the minute in my opinion. Rarely are any two matches or indeed rounds the same and it’s a testament to the gameplay that even with its Ubisoftness, it’s my most played game of the last year.

Rainbow Six Siege

I would love to see an Arma type game on console or the upcoming “Escape from Tarvok” because I think console players need and want something with more depth and complexity.  Maybe it’s just me getting older and looking for new challenges but I can’t help but notice that few on my friends list are playing the big FPS titles as often as you would expect.

Escape From Tarvok

I’ll admit I’ve been feeling frustrated with many aspects of console gaming lately so there is a possibility I’m just  being a grumpy sod but I can’t help but think that the first person shooter genre in particular could do with something different on console. Perhaps a Timesplitters or another Operation Flashpoint would be a welcome addition. Certainly games like Overwatch or Siege have done their bit to try to breath new life into the genre but do we need more, perhaps something a bit more sophisticated?

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