Is a Bioshock Collection on The Way?

Bioshock CollectionWell it looks like an online retailer in South Africa called Raru accidently let slip about an unannounced Bioshock Collection.

Raru shared the details over the weekend, but quickly took them back down (for obvious reasons). However, this is the internet and once it’s up there is no removing it…. Unless you are Konami wiping P.T. from existence (*sobs*).

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While the page might be down now, it is still available for all eyes to see thanks to Google Cache, revealing a number of details about the possible collection.

The collection is South Africa is priced at 799 Rand which is €53. However the prices vary quite a bit in South Africa so pinning down how much it would cost here would be difficult. However a lot of games are priced in that area, so I’m thinking that it will be about €60.

The collection will be on both Xbox One and PS4, but while no PC version here is listed I would think they would be releasing that digitally. They may have a physical version in other stores.

The most important detail here is the date, which is November 27th 2015, meaning it should be out before Christmas, so I don’t think we will be far from an official announcement from publishers 2K Games.

While you should take this news with a grain of salt, it isn’t surprising, and it isn’t coming from a ghost store either. Toy manufacturer Funko also recently announced that they have a new line of Bioshock collectibles in the works, and it makes sense that there will be some game to help drive those sales figures up somewhat. It makes even more sense to be a Bioshock Collection considering the toys are from all 3 games and not just Infinite.

What are your thoughts on the “leak”? Think we will be seeing The Bioshock Collection in November? Let us know in the comments!

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