Irish GamerCon founder discusses the weekend’s drama

gamer con gamerconOver the weekend here in Dublin, Ireland, a new event came to town targeting gamers of all ages. GamerCon, which was talked up prior to the end of last year and saw many fans receiving tickets from loved ones as holiday gifts. The madness that ensued over the weekend was not to be expected, which we covered on Sunday morning, here.

The biggest issue came from the fact that the venue it was hosted in, the Dublin Convention Centre, which is a stunning sight to see in the dark evenings, can only allow for a people capacity of 7,000. The total number of tickets sold for the event was 21,000. Already you can see how this may pan out.

The founder of Gamer Con, Ferdi Roberts posted an update on Facebook within the last hour saying:

“GamerCon had 21,600 attendees through its doors over the course of this weekend. 11,000 on Saturday 18th and 10,600 on Sunday 19th. We clearly had challenges with queuing on Saturday When I was informed of this I made the decision to offer a refund to attendees who were outside and did not wish to queue further. We communicated this offer in person at the event, via social media and via our phone app.

Having debriefed from Saturday, a number of important changes were instituted based on the day’s experience with the result that there were minimal delays in queues outside on Sunday, with most attendees experiencing between 30 and 45 minutes queuing into the venue which we feel is to be expected with an event of this scale.”


Fans queued for hours to get into the event on Saturday, and reports of queues for water, food running out, and fans not being aware of VIP exclusive meet-and-greets added to many frustrated and disappointed faces on their journeys home.

It wasn’t just the fans who were left short changed and frustrated however. The legitimacy of this post on Facebook may be questionable, but if true, it sounds like an utter disaster.

gamercon con

Many Irish event holders are furious with what happened over the weekend, and feel that all of their work over the years on smaller, more enjoyable experiences may suffer due to the ‘Gamer’ and ‘Con’ in the title. Let it be known that this was the first event for ‘GamerCon’ and any other convention should be considered going forward.

I am also not opposed to the idea of GamerCon, let’s just hope that the next one is a little more organised on all fronts.

If you are interested in, or entitled to get a refund, as you probably didn’t get in the doors, you can request one at Eventbrite.

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