Ireland’s ‘biggest’ Gamer Con lives up to its Con title

gamer conThis weekend, a first time ‘Gamer Con’ weekend event in Dublin’s city centre got off to a bad start with attendees reporting hours of queuing outside for up to five hours, and dangerously unsafe numbers jam-packed into the Convention Centre if they were fortunate enough to get in. With the amount of negativity surrounding this issue alone, news from within the convention itself has failed to exit the building.

It is reported that 25,000 tickets were sold for the event, which spans Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. However, with over 12,000 adults, kids; all eager gamers trying to attend a weekend of seeing and playing new games, buying merchanise and interacting with their fellow gaming friends, the building, which can only accommodate roughly 7,000 people at a time, was clearly oversold.

Some families traveled the breath of the country for hours, only to find themselves queuing for just as long, and then told that there’s no room to let anyone else in. The organisers claimed that traffic was much thicker than they expected (the 25,000 tickets sold wasn’t an indication, apparently) and the doors began working on a system where two could come in when two left.

It wasn’t long before word of Gamer Con’s bad organisation got out on social media, with complaints across Facebook, Twitter, mainstream Irish news channels and more began turning its eyes to the event. To many, the tickets for the event were given as Christmas presents, with accompanying parents spending upwards of €120 for a VIP family ticket, and an additional €32 for a meet-and-greet session with well-known Youtubers and streamers.

Some reports say that the queue itself extended around the width of three buildings, and that queuing for water in the event took upwards of an hour. Food served at the event came to a close as supplies ran out throughout the day.

The statement said: “As a first time event we underestimated the traffic flow that we forecast for the event and have very strict health and safety related capacities which we must adhere to. That temporarily impacted our ability to process the queue which resulted in longer than expected wait time for our attendees. We are managing this proactively and expect the situation to ease as the day progresses.

“We have offered full refunds to those who decide not to attend and have communicated this to attendees via mobile app and all social media channels.”

The event promised:

  • Special Appearances from your favorite YouTube and Twitch Gamers
  • Gamer Tech that you can get hands-on with in our Hardware Zone
  • The latest Virtual Reality technology in our VR Zone
  • Prizes to be won in our Multiplayer Gaming Zone
  • Hardware, Peripherals, Clothing and gaming accessories Stands in our GameStop MerchMarket
  • Experience the games of yesterday in our RETRO Zone
  • Prizes for the best Cosplay outfits

A future Gamer Con event may be in jeopardy as those who were burned this weekend will have second thoughts about attending another event should one arrive next year. It’s not the only gaming convention to have come about in Ireland but others have come under fire for their number of tickets being sold, and it’s clear to see which one did it best, according to this story.

Let us know, did you attend, or try to attend Gamer Con this weekend in Dublin?

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