Inside Secret Room Password (SPOILERS)

insidePlaydead’s Inside released at the end of June on Xbox One and early in July on Steam, and has wowed gamers the world over. It’s a beautiful, cryptic and sometimes confusing games, especially when you try to understand what it’s all about. There are dozens of fan theories which are all excellent, but there is also a secret ending if you manage to find all the collectibles.

From this point on, consider it spoiler territory, so if you haven’t played Inside, or haven’t completed the game, stop reading and come back here again in the future.

Inside requires you to find and deactivate 13 devices I can only describe as mines, like the ones you would find in the sea. When you reach the climax of the game’s story, you will find a ladder with loads of yellow cables leading you up to a secret room. You will notice while playing Inside that the yellow cables signify that a secret collectible is nearby. This is what they all lead to.

In the secret room, you will find a massive version of the collectible ‘mine’, as well as a lit up board in the background. The board indicates what secrets you are missing (dimmed), and what you have collected (lit up). Once you return to the room with all collectibles located, a door into the big ‘mine’ will be opened, and inside it you will find a switch. Once activated, the board will change, showing only one lit up light, and that’s the location of the second secret from earlier in the game.


What you should do now is pause the game, load up the cornfield area of the story (before you find all the chicks or ducklings) and start running through the field. Hold ‘B’ or ‘grab’ while doing so, and the boy will latch onto a hidden hatch towards the end of the field, which you can lift up.

You will have already found this secret surely, which contains one of the ‘mines’ that need to be deactivated. In that room to the right, you will find a switch that can be pushed in three directions. Each direction plays a sound, and there’s a combination required that opens the door. During your adventures throughout the story, a couple of the collectible ‘mines’ would have had audio playing. You may not have heard them at the time, but those sounds were there. The order of these sounds must be replicated in the panel, and the combination is as follows.

Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Left

Once the door opens, walk through the tunnel, and we won’t say any more. Let us know what you think of the final ending to Inside!

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