Inside Out Review

pixars_inside_out_2015-wideFrom every movie that has released this summer, Inside Out is the most accessible for every audience. It has the capability to evoke humor, heart, and heavyhearted all in fairly equal portions. The central story revolves around a young girl named Riley, who is built on a few foundations: family, friends, hockey, honesty, and being silly. She’s led by the emotions that control her life and how she acts, Joy being the dominant one who keeps the others in check, voiced by the perky Amy Poehler. The others include Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). These characters are perfectly embodied by the voice actors and actresses that portray them.

The great thing about Inside Out is that it’s really predictable  in how the events occur, but it’s so enjoyable to watch them unfold. We know that after a huge event and change in Riley’s life that she’s going to be acting differently. Where Joy takes control she still has yet to learn her real place in control of Riley’s emotions, Sadness shares the same issue. It’s also interesting and adds great humor seeing the emotions of people around her. Taking a glimpse into the mind of Riley as she develops is something that everyone can relate to, but seeing the mind of mom and dad and how they make decisions makes for one of many highlights of the movie.

May I add Inside Out has an excellent progression? Everything has a purpose and fits well in place as it needs to, it’s a clever movie but you don’t really have to think hard, you just have to pay attention. By doing this you’ll really see and relate to Riley, where she’s going through a phase in her life that’s full of uncertainty and indecision, she makes us feel alive and happy yet  she makes us lament on some of the hardest parts in life. I never cried during the show, but I was close many times to doing so.

Inside Out proves to be Pixar’s most original idea, as the movie progresses it shows us how Riley’s mind makes decisions and stores memory and makes the connection to Riley’s most present emotion: Joy. Joy is a huge reflection of Riley not just because of how they relate their aura, but in their position in their life. But so are the other characters, that what makes Inside Out so special, it relates to every type of feeling and how they shine and how they falter.

While I will say that the opening short, “Lava” was cute, it wasn’t that great and actually kind of cheesy, we’ve seen better shorts, but it’s a nice little piece. Inside Out is a glorious return for Pixar that hasn’t had the hits they are known for as of recent. Inside Out is one of their best movies, a superbly original idea, and a fascinating study of the mind that also happens to be heartwarming and leaving me feeling every type of emotion, just like the ones on screen. It’s a wonderful film that should not be missed by any and stands with Mad Max as one of the best of the year so far.

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