Inside now available on Xbox One

insideFollow up to Limbo, Inside is out now on Xbox One, and coming to Steam on July 7th. It’s been six years since the release of Limbo, which quickly became one of my favourite games of last generation. With the release of Inside today, the critic reviews are through the roof, and I can’t wait to dive in!

Taking the puzzle platforming elements that made Limbo such a memorable experience, Inside builds on that without changing too much. It adds more colour, but that sounds like more of an exaggerated statement, as Inside certainly looks as dim and depressing as Limbo itself.

It has been said that the experience doesn’t last too long, and much like Limbo, you could probably make it through to the end in one sitting on a dark evening, the best way to enjoy it. There is no dialogue to speak of, and every scene in the game tells a story, so it’s worth pausing to take it all in as you play.

A lot has been said of the ending, which I also want to discover for myself, but many have said that you will be discussing the game for years to come, just as you did with Limbo. You can pick up Inside for $20/£15 today on Xbox One. Treat yourself, but don’t go in smiling!

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