Injustice 2 – Shattered Alliance Part 2 trailer

injustice 2 green lanternThere’s a lot of injustice in the world today, but the only injustice we want is Injustice 2, the follow up to 2012’s Gods Among Us title which was great fun for all DC Comics superhero fans. And super-villain fans I guess. With Netherrealm bringing a sequel this summer, it’s time for another trailer, isn’t it?

Continuing on from last month’s Shattered Alliance trailer, here comes part 2, detailing a bit more about the story which continues on from the Injustice 1 universe, with Superman locked up behind bars and a new threat emerging.

It won’t take long for fans to spot Green Lantern, and Green Arrow in the trailer, making their gameplay debut in Injustice 2, and of course we’re seeing the Flash in action chasing down Reverse Flash. Did you also happen to notice Captain Cold hidden in the background behind Gorilla Grodd at the 1:20 mark?

Did you spot any other previously unannounced characters in the trailer? What do you make of the follow up to the story? Are you excited for the game’s release on May 16th? Do you think Green Arrow’s mustache looks  a bit silly? Maybe I’m just biased, based on The CW tv show…

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