Injustice 2 Robin gameplay revealed

injustice 2 robinLast night during the Injustice 2 Watch Tower stream, Netherrealm Studios revealed some new gameplay footage of Robin in action. Robin joins the series for the first time, with Nightwing taking up a place in the first game.

This time around, Injustice 2 sees Bruce Wayne’s son Damian take the mantle as the the Boy Wonder, however, there’s no love loss in the opening dialogue before a battle ensues between him and the Dark Knight.

Damian’s Robin utilizes a sword and some shurikens to throw at his opponent. His super ability makes use of a bat gadget that explodes when attached to his opponent. He seems quick, nimble and extremely dangerous in the hands of a pro fighter.

Injustice 2 has a release date of May 16th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and graphically, it looks absolutely stunning. One to play when you have your friends over for a DC Comics movie night and a few beers, eh?

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