Injustice 2 – It’s good to be bad trailer

injustice 2 baddiesNetherrealm Studios have released a new trailer for Injustice 2, a trailer that highlights four of the big baddies making up the super-villain side of the battle. Which of these four would be your favourite?

The trailer showcases Gorilla Grodd, Bane, Captain Cold, and Scarecrow, most of which we’ll know very well from the comics, tv shows, games and movies. Anyone who enjoyed Batman: Arkham Knight will have a good history alone with Scarecrow. I became familiar with Gorilla Grodd via The Flash tv show, personally.

Of course, there are many other super-villains in the game, some of which we haven’t even seen yet. For example, just where is The Joker? He’s bound to made an appearance in some capacity, then we have Darkseid who is a pre-order exclusive. We know Poison Ivy is in there, and we’ve also seen the reveal trailer for Brainiac.

Injustice 2 releases on consoles on May 16th, and it’s going to be stellar by the looks of it!

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