Injustice 2: Gods Among Us posters confirm the rumours

injustice 2 gods among usRumours regarding Injustice 2: Gods Among Us seem to have been proven true, following a batch of posters that have been sent out to Gamestop stores across the US. The poster shows two heroes battling, with the title of Injustice 2 and “Every Battle Defines You”.

In a letter sent to Gamestop managers, which was also received by Polygon, they were informed that local stores are being sent the posters, which are free with pre-orders for the still unannounced game, while stocks last. The image shows Batman battling with the Flash.

injustice injustice gods among us 2The original Injustice: Gods Among Us title released in April of 2013, developed by NetherRealm Studios, who we all know as the Mortal Kombat developer. It is rumoured, and rather expected, that Injustice 2 will be built on the Mortal Kombat X engine, which looked amazing and gritty. The game had an average score of 81% on Metacritic.

However, I wouldn’t be expecting any fatalities again this time around, but we could see more variation in the unique special moves for each character. Let’s hope there is more than one option for each of the heroes and villains, otherwise they’ll get boring fast.

We should certainly learn more about Injustice 2 next week at E3, and I’m personally excited for this one. With the DC Comics movie universe now up and running, it’s a good time to win fans over with the games too.

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