Injustice 2 gameplay reveals Harley Quinn and Deadshot

injustice 2 posterNetherRealm Studios are at Gamescom to show off new footage of sequel Injustice 2. With the popularity of Suicide Squad in cinemas at the moment, it’s the ideal time to show off some Harley Quinn and Deadshot gameplay.

Harley Quinn returns to the Injustice universe with her signature attitude and some new tricks up her sleeve, while expert marksman Deadshot arrives for his console debut in the series. I will admit, that up until the time of writing, I was convinced that Deadshot was already in the original Injustice game, but that was actually Deathstroke. I had confused the two, all these years. Ah well, you learn something new every day!

Characters so far on the roster for Injustice 2 include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Blue Beetle, The Flash, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Aquaman, and Supergirl, as well as Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

What we’ve learned about Injustice 2 so far is that each fight will earn you points towards upgrading your character with new abilities. How these will affect players fighting online is yet to be seen, but it’s an interesting idea, and hopefully it’s well developed in a way that can’t be exploited by players.

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