Injustice 2 gameplay reveal

injustice 2 posterAnnounced this week, Injustice 2 is NetherRealm’s third take on the DC Universe, although one of them featured the superheroes squaring off against their Mortal Kombat kast. Injustice 2 is the follow up to 2013’s Gods Among Us, and it looks awesome. This week, we got a cinematic trailer, and now we have some gameplay!

Get a look at Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, as well as new villains Actrocitus and Gorilla Grodd who debut in the series. We don’t know what the full cast line up will look like just yet, but it’s good to see some new DC heroes and baddies being revealed already.

As stated during the reveal, Injustice 2 will focus heavily on gear which you will unlock as you progress through fights. Adding gear allows you to modify the look of your hero, but we don’t know if this will affect gameplay in any way. If so, it could end up being a pay to win ordeal which I’m sure the fans are not too keen on.

We surely see more during the week of E3, but it’s cool seeing the awesome special moves that throws Supergirl through trains and buildings, and jet fighters blasting through villains. This should be a fun one for DC fans and fighter fans.

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