Infinite Warfare trailer now in top 10 disliked Youtube videos

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare1Last week, an online campaign was started to make the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer the most disliked video on Youtube. On May 5th, it was already on course, being at 38th on the list. Today, it has now entered the top 10 list of most disliked/down-voted videos on the streaming service.

On Friday, EA and DICE revealed Battlefield 1 to the world, which takes the action back to the first world war, an era, or close to what fans have wanted for a long time. Gamers are fed up with futuristic first person shooters and hark back to the days of storming Normandy or shooting up Nazis. As you do…

Before the reveal however, Activision’s Eric Hirshberg responded to the online negativity surrounding Infinite Warfare, saying “We’ve seen this in the franchise before. The reveal trailer for Black Ops 2, which took the franchise into the future for the first time, had the most dislikes of any reveal trailer we had ever made at that time. And that went on to become our most successful game ever.”

As it stands, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer has been watched on Youtube nearly 14 million times. Of those views, it has massive disliking of 1,149,488. Over one million down-votes. It currently sits at number 8th on the list of most disliked videos, according to Youtube. That trailer released on May 2nd. Now, onto the Battlefield 1 trailer.

Released on Friday, May 6th the trailer has been viewed just over 19 million times. Of those 19 million, the down-vote total so far is 18,000. Up-votes are just short of one million, whereas Infinite Warfare’s up-votes sits at 256,482.

The fan base is split on the Call of Duty side, but with the inclusion of Modern Warfare Remastered, I’m sure Infinite Warfare will still do extremely well on the sales front this November. I have no doubts.

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