Infection coming to Halo 5 Guardians

halo infectionGhosts of Meridian has only just touched down on Halo 5 Guardians as the latest free content update, and during the live stream last night where 343 Industries showed off the content, they teased a new future update. Made popular in Halo 3 and Halo Reach, Infection will soon be coming to Halo 5!

The mode is exactly as it sounds, if you are unaware of it in Halo games. One player is chosen at random to be the Infected player. When they kill another player, that player joins the Infected team, and so on. It keeps going until there is nobody left on the uninfected side, or the round timer hits zero. It’s similar to tag in a racing game, or Infestation in Aliens vs Predator, to name a few titles.

It wasn’t said when this content will come, but it could potentially come in the next content update, seeing as there’s a trailer for the mode already, and the next content update is¬†Memories of Reach. It would make sense then.

Ghosts of Meridian adds a few new maps and modes, as well as more REQ items to unlock, which you can read about in full here.

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