Independence Day Resurgence trailer 2 looks bad ass

Independence Day ResurgenceThe second trailer for Independence Day Resurgence has dropped, and it looks hella bad ass! However, as is the tradition of Hollywood movie trailers, it shows way too much, and if you’re excited for this movie, you may just want to stop reading here. Or at least avoid clicking on the clip.

Independence Day Resurgence is set 20 years after the events of the first movie, and we see a young adult version of Dylan Dubrow, the son of Will Smith’s character in the original film. Like his father, he grew up to be a fighter pilot and has his own group of hero friends to fight alongside. Jeff Goldblum returns with his hilarious lines of cowardice and smart, and the world we live in is a little more advanced due to the tech acquired from the previous invasion. We had 20 years to prepare, but so did the aliens.

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