idarb is getting The Walking Dead and Invincible content

idarbidarb, the 2D 8bit esports title that started with a tweet by Mike Mika, is getting its first content add-on since its release in January of this year. It’s a bit of an odd partnership, but then again, at least it’s not an energy drink! 😉

Skybound Games and Other Ocean, which Mike Mika is the director of development with, announced a partnership to bring The Walking Dead and Invincible content to his 4 v 4 esports title. It’s more about a celebration of Robert Kirkman’s franchises, two universes that Other Ocean are big fans of.

“We’re very excited to be partnered with Skybound for our first digital content offering,” said Mike Mika, Other Ocean director of development and IDARB creator. “The team at our studio loves comics, and we are really excited to be working in these two rich universes. The Walking Dead and Invincible have given us great material from which to bring new and unique experiences to IDARB. We think fans of both the comics and the game are really going to enjoy this.”

This digital add-on pack will offer the following:

  • idarb rick rollTwo all new arenas: an Invincible and a The Walking Dead Arena. Each arena adds new gameplay elements in the theme of the respective comic. (Walkers!)
  • All new The Walking Dead and Invincible teams, half-time games, and hashbombs!
  • New announcer calls, theme music and sound effects specific to each new arena.

It has been a while since I’ve sat down and played idarb. I spent some time on it when it launched, making various teams of Ramones characters, Turtles, Mario, Sonic, Plants vs Zombies and South Park among others, but I found the lack of online multiplayer support a bit disappointing. Sure, you could play one v one or console vs console, but it’s not every day you can invite your friends around to play with you, when they’re in different countries!

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