“I find the lack of game chat…. disturbing”

star wars battlefront canon chatEA and DICE have dropped another bomb from orbit with the latest piece of news regarding Star Wars Battlefront. After the extensive public beta last weekend, many fans found enjoyment out of the game, despite harsh critical commentary throughout its development. Now, news of non-existent game chat has fans angered, and cheerful.

The news came following a tweet response to a fan, in which the fan asked “can we chat to other players on our team?” Well, in the case of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you will have to make use of the party chat systems provided by Microsoft and Sony. Good thing the Xbox One had an update for 12 person support in that case. PC gamers will be forced to make use of Skype or any other software available that they’re accustomed to.

While some fans are disgusted by the news, considering it’s a full priced, triple A title, others are relieved, knowing they won’t hear about what their mother did last night, and not having to listen to kids or crying babies in the background (Kinect mic users are the worst!).

What do you make of the news? A lazy effort on DICE’s part, or is this a good thing? Considering that the squad setup is missing from Battlefront, having 20 people shouting at each other might not be in the best of interest.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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