I Am Bread to get toastie on Xbox One, finally

I am breadA game that launched at yeast a year and a half ago on Steam and PlayStation 4 is finally making its way over to the Xbox One. I Am Bread will spread the love on another platform, bringing in a loaf of new players and fans. With its ludicrous difficulty and party-like pass-the-controller-difficulty, this is one you may want to add to your collection.

I Am Bread sees you playing as…yes, a slice of bread, whose goal in life is to become toast. Navigate treacherous levels set in everyday household locations to get to the toaster, but wheat-ever you do, don’t fall on the floor!

While in 2015, Bossa Studios released a spin-off title for May the 4th called ‘Starch Wars: A New Loaf ‘, it won’t be included in the release of the Xbox One version. That was only on Steam, and the trailer to this day is still hilarious. Other modes available alongside the emotional journey are Cheese Hunt, Bagel Race, Rampage and Zero-G, which should also prove hilarious.

Don’t knock it before you rye it, it’s breader than it looks! As Bossa describe it, it’s an unbaguettable experience. Feel free to throw your own bread puns in the comments, we do love a good pun!

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