Humble Store Now Lets You Pick From 35,000 Charities

Humble Bundle CharitiesThe Humble Store has gotten a new update allowing you to pick from a huge number of charities for where you money will go.

Previously, the store only supported 5 charities, but Humble Bundle have announced now you can pick any of 35,000 charities to support when you purchase a game.

You can choose what charities you would like to see the money go to at the checkout, but if you aren’t sure what one to choose the funds will be sent to one of Humbles featured organisations instead (which is currently the American Red Cross). This way you can always be sure that your money goes to a good cause.

Thus far, Humble have raised a total of $63 million for charities worldwide, $3 million from the Humble Store and a massive $60 million from their bundles. This is a huge achievement for the site, as well as the developers who agreed to have their games featured in bundles at a huge discount for the benefit of these charities.

No doubt that money has gone on to help a lot of people, and now that there are 35,000 charities to choose from, you can make sure that the money you give goes to a cause you care a lot for.

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