Humble Bundle Offers Twelve Telltale Games for $12!

TelltaleThe Humble Bundle has brought us some incredible deals in the past, but this one is definitely among the best: The Humble Telltale Games Bundle. Normally, these twelve Telltale games would cost about $144, but thanks to this incredible deal, you can get them all for just $12!

If you would like to avail of this offer, follow this link.

But if you don’t have 12 dollars to spare, don’t fret. For $1 you can get five games, and for $8.12 you can get ten games. Here’s a screenshot of the deals available:

Humble Telltale Games Bundle

If you’re unfamiliar with how Humble Bundle works, the website will allow you to download the games to your PC directly from your Humble Bundle account. You’ll also be provided with a unique Steam key for each game, so you can add the games to your Steam library if you wish.

Humble Bundle donate a large deal of their profits to charity, so you’re not the only one who’ll benefit from this bargain.

The Humble Telltale Games Bundle will be available for another 11 days. If you’re a fan of interactive stories, this deal is for you.

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