Humble Bundle Introduce Monthly Subscription Service

humble-bundle-announces-new-monthly-sub-service-called-humble-monthlyHumble Bundle, the online retailers who support charity with awesome weekly and biweekly bundles for games and books, have introduced a new monthly subscription service that sends games each month to you.

For $12 a a month, Humble Bundle will give you tons of games of a “highly curated bundle” to enjoy, with 5% of proceeds supporting charity. This can include anything from “recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics.”

Legend of Grimrock II is one of these titles, which will unlock instantly after buying a subscription so you won’t have to wait a whole month before the others unlock. Each monthly bundle unlocks the first Friday of every month, and are yours from then on regardless of whether you cancel. The first bundle is coming November 6th.

All the games are playable through Steam, but some games will have other options such as GOG and more. As you might expect, all of these games will be digital PC games.

It will be interesting to see what games will be featured each month. Humble have already done quite a number of bundles and there most certainty will be crossover somewhere. Humble say that there will be some unique games that haven’t featured in any of their bundles, which makes me think that there will be fairly recent titles each month too.

What are your thoughts though? Think it is a good idea? Want to wait and see what the first bundle will be like before committing? Let us know in the comments!

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