How to Customise Your Weapons in Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid 5 Gun CustomI’ve noticed that a surprising number of you do not know you can unlock the ability to customise your weapons in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and have been asked regularly how to go about doing this, so here is a really short guide on what it lets you do, and how to go about unlocking it.

The ability to customise your weapons is extremely useful, especially early on in the game when you don’t have a silenced rifle, and can help improve the stats of your weapons a little bit as you go on too. It can also make your guns a hell of a lot bigger and scarier too, which doesn’t affect gameplay, but sure does make you look more like a badass motherfucker.

To gain this ability, it is really simple. Literally nothing more than 3 Side-Ops that unlock one at a time. These Side-Ops become available to you relatively early and you should do them straight away. The very first of these is Side-Op 107, titled “Extract the Legendary Gunsmith”. Naturally it isn’t just that easy as the gunsmith you extract is no more than an apprentice. This is the same for 108, “”Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again,” until 109 titled “Extract the Legendary Gunsmith… Yet Again.” The third and final one will be the real gunsmith, and then you will have the ability to customise your weapons (well, most of them).

Once you have him, all you need to do is go into customise on the ACC and select weapons. From here you can customise 3 weapons in each class, allowing you to pick and mix from guns and parts of other similar weapons that you have researched. Eventually you can even throw x2 to x8 variable zoom scopes to your assault rifles as well as silencers and larger mags to your favourite sniper. You can also change the camo of these weapons… or shiny gold… maybe some hot pink?

So yeah. Just extract 3 dudes and you have it. While a small thing, it is majority useful, so if you haven’t found this out yet I recommend getting to it sooner rather than later, for both tactical supremacy and creating the latest in battlefield fads.

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