How To Add Songs to Metal Gear Solid V on PC

Metal Gear Solid 5 Snake ChopperThe iDroid does many things, and playing music is one of those. Metal Gear Solid V already has a lot of great songs to find throughout the world, but if you think there is a track that would fit much better, then why not just add it yourself?

Andy Kelly, writer at PC Gamer and contributor to Edge and Kotaku pointed out on Twitter that this can be done, similar to how it was done in Grand Theft Auto III.

As simple as that really. Just go into the “CustomSoundtrack” folder in the games directory and drop in whatever music you want! You can set these to play when coming in or getting extracted by the chopper too, so I expect many of you to throw in Fortunate Son by CCR or Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones!

There are loads of other songs you could throw in to fit the bill too, but why not go for something a little wacky! Hell, maybe some Wolfe Tones!

No doubt many of you are thinking Danger Zone, but that is a jet song! Helicopters are not jets! What songs do you think people should put in their playlists? Let us know in the comments!

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