How do I play my games with Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One?

backwards compatibilityAs of yesterday, the New Xbox One Experience allows Xbox One owners to play a selection of Xbox 360 games on their new consoles using backwards compatibility. The list of available games is minuscule at the moment, but every few weeks or every month, we should expect new additions, including Black Ops 1, Bioshock Infinite and Skate. How do you play the games though? Here’s a demo video.

Yes, it’s somewhat mocking in a way, but in reality, the backwards compatibility feature is simple to use, and no hassle whatsoever. From the main Home screen, scroll down a few blocks, or press RT twice. In My Games & Apps, make sure you’re on the Games tab, and scroll right to the far side. It will show you a list of games that are available to install, including previous demos or betas you may have taken part in and deleted from your hard drive. Choose the Xbox 360 game that is available to install digitally.

For physical games, simply refer to this list here, and if you have the disc, pop in into your disc tray, give it a few minutes to install, and start playing. With disc based 360 games, you will always have to put the disc in to play it. Minor setback, but for the ability to play it on your Xbox One instead of setting up your 360 again, it’s saves a lot more time. Whichever way you do it, playing backwards compatible titles is free. You own the games, they’re yours. Enjoy!

One last piece of advice for those who still have their Xbox 360 consoles at hand. If you wish to play a game like Mass Effect, Skyrim or another multi-hour RPG, load up your 360, save the game’s save file to Xbox cloud storage, and then turn on your Xbox One. When you load the game, the Xbox will search for your save file and apply it to your game. Continue where you left off, just like that!

[Source: Youtube]

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