Horror game White Day coming to Playstation VR in 2016

White Day: A labyrinth called schoolLooks like Playstation VR is going to get its first Korean horror game soon, as the studio Roi Games announces their upcoming VR horror game: White Day, A labyrinth named school. 

The premise is that you’re a kid sneaking into school at night to leave chocolates on his crush’s desk. But it turns out the janitor is a psycho with a baseball bat who will kill you on sight. Add to that some supernatural entities and we’re in for a bad good time.

The game is actually a remake of the game released back in 2001 for PC. So far no announcement has been made of whenever this will come to the PC platform with Oculus Rift support.

White Day comes out in 2016. No more information other than that has been released.

[Source: Nichegamer] 

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