Horizon Zero Dawn Review Round-up

horizon zero dawnThis morning, the review embargo lifted on Horizon Zero Dawn, and so far the reviews for the PlayStation 4 exclusive are very positive. From Guerrilla Games, the creators of Killzone comes a new open world experience set to dazzle fans with glorious visuals and a storyline involving giant mechanical robots with tech tree upgrades. So how does it fare with the critics?

What’s refreshing to point out is that Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t release on PlayStation 4 until February 28th in the US, and March 1st in Europe. Seeing reviews hit this early is a sign of confidence from both Guerrilla Games and Sony, and something to be proud of. It’s great for fans too, being hyped up well in advance, and seeing the scores and opinions a week before they can pick the game up. Keep up that outlook, publishers, please.

The Reviews:

Giant Bomb: 10
Telegraph: 10
PlayStation Lifestyle: 10
Polygon: 9.5
PlayStation Universe: 9.5
Jimquisition: 9.5 (it must be good!)
IGN: 9.3
GamesRadar: 9
Forbes: 9
PushSquare: 9
GameInformer: 8.8

As you can see, all established names you surely know of, all being rather positive. But what about the lower end of the scale?

The lowest score so far was given by US Gamer, who gave it a 5. In their review snippet, they write “Horizon Zero Dawn is disappointing. It has a story that I struggled to care about (complete with massive expository dumps—yay), a bland protagonist, and overtly repetitive and constraining missions that worked against its open world sensibilities. When Horizon Zero Dawn hit its rare strides—from its gloomy Cauldrons to traveling across its sprawling vistas—it only made me wish the rest of the game were as worthwhile.”

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