Horizon Zero Dawn goes gold, adds photo mode

horizon zero dawnGreat news emerges today for PlayStation 4 fans as Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold! On top of that, the studio has revealed that their open-world adventure will also feature a cool photo mode allowing you to take some stunning in-game shots.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28th in the US, and on March 1st in Europe. The adventure will take you and Aloy across a huge world, trying to prevent an evil from destroying the land, using mechanized creatures. Using everything in your arsenal, upgraded via an extensive tech tree, you will unite tribes to save the world from destruction.

Guerrilla Games announced that Horizon Zero Dawn will feature a photo mode to take in-game pictures as you play, but no details have been given otherwise as to how it will work, and if it will be comparable to say Uncharted 4.

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