Horizon Zero Dawn E3 gameplay

horizon zero dawnShowcased during Sony’s E3 conference was more of the fantastic looking Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon is developed by Guerilla Games and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

The game is set 1000 years in the future and in the opening segment it says “The world of the old ones ended ages ago. The masters of the new world are the machines.” Horizon is about a young woman seeking answers but to find them, she must leave her tribe and venture out into the dangerous, vast world.

It’s hard not to start by mentioning the graphics which are absolutely stunning. Guerilla have really outdone themselves with this game and the while we’ve seen plenty of snowy, mountainous landscapes, Guerilla promise there is a wide variety available in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy, the main character, is able to hunt these mechanical beasts with her trusty, albeit heavily modified bow to scavenge parts to craft parts and upgrades to help her on her adventure.

She’s also able to override some of these mechanical beasts to gain access to mounts to move across the landscape more swiftly. She’s also able to scan enemies to find out their weaknesses to help her in combat. Speaking of combat, it is fluid, fast and looks very intense. Aloy is able to use her crafted traps and such in battle to her advantage and her bow wields multiple variations to also help her take down more tricky foes.

Horizon Zero Dawn is released on February 28, 2017.

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