Homefront the Revolution gets release date, beta and new trailer

homefront the revolutionFollowing a slight malfunction on Target’s part last week, where they let slide the release date for Homefront the Revolution, it appears their May release date was in fact true. Homefront the Revolution will launch on May 17th, but before that, there’s an Xbox One beta, and a new trailer to show off.

Set a few years after the events of the first time, despite the Revolution trying to distance itself from the title, the game sees you fighting your way around Philadelphia. The city is divided into multiple segments, each colour coded for traversal reasons, and each requiring a different style of approach.

The new trailer below tells you a little about the story, and also showcases the ‘yellow zone’ of the map of Philadelphia, as well as glimpses of the combat, the enemy drones and who you’ll be up against. It certainly looks pretty good, and let’s hope it improves on the lacking campaign found in the first title, which did have an amazing cinematic for it.

As for the beta, IGN says that “The publisher also announced that players can sign up for a February closed beta that will run exclusively for Xbox One, and “a number of promotions” will run in the upcoming weeks to fill a limited number of places.”

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