Homefront The Revolution closed beta start times

homefront the revolutionIf you were willing to sign up for Homefront The Revolution’s closed Xbox One beta over the past week, you will be happy to know that the beta begins today, lasting through the weekend. But when?! When can I start? When does it finish exactly?!!

You can still sign up for the closed beta if you wish, and the process only takes two minutes. No waiting in line, no holding out with your fingers crossed, hopping to get selected. Just register, verify your account and then click to get a 25 digit code!

The dates for the closed beta of Homefront The Revolution are:

  • Start: Thursday, Feb. 11: 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK/8pm CET
  • End: Sunday, Feb. 14 (technically Monday): 12am PT/3am ET/8am UK/9am CET

The beta will grant players access to three missions, which will all be co-op missions from the Resistance mode of the game. The full title will launch with 12 Resistance missions, with free updates planned post launch.

The missions in the beta as described by This Is Gaming include:

Enemy at the Gates

There’s an elite squad of KPA Special Forces operating within Holloway Red Zone. They have been taking out our patrols out all across the zone. We need to deal with them or run the risk of being driven out of Holloway for good. That’s where the Wraiths come in. Find a KPA communication array and hack into it. You should be able to triangulate their position from there. You’ll need to control two dishes in order to get a precise location, but be careful. Once the KPA know what you’re doing they will come down on you hard.

A las Barricadas

This area has been quiet for a while but recently there have been reports of enemy movement. Our guess is that they are trying to identify our safe houses and tunnel entrances; we can’t let that happen. We are sending the Wraiths, Bridgeburners, and Eagles to scout out the zone and report back on enemy movements, and numbers. This is strictly a reconnaissance mission, we don’t want to draw the KPA further into the area and risk exposing our location. If they have figured out where we are, we’re in trouble. This area has become a relative safe haven for us recently, let’s try and keep it that way.


We have been monitoring this KPA outpost for weeks, hoping for Intel on supply movements. Yesterday, our surveillance paid off. It appears that a pair of armored cars loaded with military grade medical supplies and food rations, are set to leave the outpost in a few days’ time. Your team will make its way through KPA territory, infiltrate the enemy stronghold, and neutralize all resistance. Once secure, Clarke and his team will meet up with you at the stronghold. Your team will provide escort for the trucks whilst Tobias and his team drive them to the rendezvous point.

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