Homefront The Revolution weapon customisation

homefront the revolutionFollowing a beta last month which didn’t exactly win over the masses,¬†Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have released a new trailer which focuses on the weapons and gunplay of Homefront: The Revolution. Learn how to craft your weapons to suit your tastes, and the battles you will getting involved in.

The KPA (Korean People’s Army) have Philadelphia on lockdown and it’s up to you and a handful of resistance fighters to take them on using Guerrilla Warfare tactics. Tackling an army of that size face to face, you will surely lose, so it’s more about taking out key figures and installations to slowly turn the tide and take the city back.

Unfortunately, the KPA’s weaponry is installed with biometrics, meaning that anyone but the owner can’t use them. As a result, the freedom fighters have to piece together their own weaponry, and that’s where things get a little bit fun. Homefront: The Revolution includes a modular weapons system which allows you to change up your weapon in the field, turning a shotgun into a fully automatic weapon on the fly, or adding some flammable rounds to burn your enemies.

The Guerrilla Tool Kit is another useful addition in the game, allowing you a variety of gadgets and abilities to help complete your objectives. Whether that’s a simple molotov cocktail, an IED to take out heavy armour, or a hacking device to turn enemy drones and turrets against their owners, each skill serves a purpose. With the game focusing on solo and co-op team-play, using these abilities in unison as a squad may be the difference between success and death at the hands of the KPA.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available on May 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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