Homefront The Revolution Apex trailer

homefront 2A new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution plays out like a marketing video for a tech firm called Apex. Apex make computers and technology for hospitals, science and then military gear. But how did this lead to the occupation by the Korean People’s Army in Philadelphia?

It all relates to North Korea’s world dominating APEX Corporation, which got its tech into the US and when the invasion took place, the target country had its technology used against it. At the very end of the video, a link appears on the screen which takes you off to another site. This site details the history of modern Korea and the buildup to the occupation, mixing a bit of fact with a bit of fiction and it’s all rather interesting if you’re into the real life stuff. It sets the game up nicely in time for its release on May 17th, where you and your friends will fight as freedom fighters to save your city and take down the KPA.

Why not take a look at the weapon customization of Homefront: The Revolution in this weapons trailer, which shows you how you can upgrade your weapons and gear with some interesting tech?

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