Hololens promotional video teases the future of sports spectating

hololens superbowlMicrosoft have released a new tech demo trailer for their extremely interesting Hololens tech just in time for the Superbowl this weekend. Showcasing two American football fans wearing the AR headsets, look at how amazing this could potentially be!

Bearing in mind that Microsoft are an official partner of the NFL, this is certainly made in a way to attract and interest fans, but for tech junkies who might not be sports fans, it’s still an interesting watch. Enjoy your favourite sporting event while keeping track of stats (if you care) and have football players running all over your living space while you’re stuck into the action. Let’s just hope that if this does actually become a reality, that we don’t get close ups on our own floors of players suffering harsh injuries like broken legs or dislocated shoulders. No thank you!

While we only really have this latest promotional video and the now famous Minecraft showcase from E3 last year, the prospect of Hololens and Augmented Reality is truly exciting. Whether it’s playing fighting games on your coffee table in full 3D, or watching a movie and seeing Godzilla stomp on your living room floor, the future is starting to look amazing.

With last month’s pricing of the Oculus Rift shaking a few believers, I still expect Hololens to cost a little more, considering the headset itself contains all of its workings and doesn’t require cables, separate power boxes or processors. Still, I look forward to trying it out some day for myself.

[Source: Venturebeat]

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